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Want to build better software and better features ?

Without Feedbackloop

  • Churn over missing features
  • Pay up to 100$ for other tools
  • Spend hrs building a collecting process
  • Use cluttered tools
  • Build blindly

With Feedbackloop

  • 1 min setup
  • In-app feedback sharing for users
  • Straightforward & easy to use
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Build features users truly need

Collect feedback easily

Speed up feedback collection process

With our public portal feature, add the link to the public portal on your app, and your customers can start sharing feedback and engaging with other users.

Simple and straightforward.

No authentication needed for your users.

Ability for users to create comments and exchange.


A founder tailored dashboard

A friendly made dashboard for founders

Track, manage, and update all the feedback created by your users in a user-friendly and simple dashboard designed for every founder.

Feedback management board and CRM.

Ability to answer your users from the app.

Upcoming integrations with other tools like Notion and Github.


Powerful widget to collect Feedback

Create and embed your widget on your software

The widget, which you can see in the bottom right corner of the current page, allows you to receive feedback from your users directly through your app.

1-min setup

Customizable styles

Roadmap on it so your users can follow your updates.


Chrome extension fo your team.

Review websites and apps faster.

A Chrome extension that allows you and your team to leave sticky notes on the web, visible in real time.

1-min download

Team workspace & collaboration

Notifications & integrations (Soon)


Features product managers and saas owners
want & need

Public portal

A little forum so your users can submit feedback and exchange with other users.


A little pop up on your app so your users can send feedback from your app directly.

Dashboard & CRM

Manage all your feedback in a dashboard with featues your need and soon with your team.


Receive your feedback direclty on Notion or turn your bug reports into github issues.

Chrome extension

Review websites & share visual feedback with your team by leaving notes on any website that can be seen in real time by your team.

Teams (soon)

Invite your team so they can manage feedback with you soon.


Know what feature your users truly want to see.

Dark mode

Take care of your user's eyes and make sure they like it.

Kanban boards

Drag & drop your tickets to change their status and manage everything.


Your users can see your progress directly from the embeded widget.

Email notifications

Receive emails when a ticket or a comment is created.

Comments & discussions

You and your users can create comments on tickets.

Little demo for you

Check a demo of the public portal

We strive to make our
customers happy




The simplest way to collect feedback from my customers is feedbackloop, no hours setting up everything, the portals are a kind of forum for my users and it's perfect for collecting feedback.


Rohan philip


Feedbackloop's Chrome extension is the easiest way to share feedback internally with your team. By leaving comments anywhere on the web, it simplifies website reviews and feedback sharing. The widget also makes it easy to collect feedback from software users.


Mehdi Khoudali


I couldn't find a perfect tool when I was working on a previous SaaS and needed to collect user feedback. I used a Trello board, but requiring users to sign up wasn't practical. So, I built Feedbackloop, a cheaper and easier-to-use alternative to tools like Canny, Trello, and UserBack

We are shipping more and more integrations

Integrates with modern tools you use.


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Frequently asked questions

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